Monday, December 11, 2006

The season of colds!

Well it went around work and now I have it.. a cold.. I never get colds but alas it has hit me.. I missed a day and a bit last week and now came home early today to do paper work in the peace and serenity of my home and laptop. Thank you Lord for Chicken Noodle soup!! mmmmmmmmmm..

My Christmas shopping is done again.. but now I'm doing the adding touches to gifts.. I've bought a little something for all the kids on my caseload and now feel that I need gift bags for them all.. all 33 of them! That's a lot of wrapping and gift bags I must say! But I love Christmas so much and love giving so much more so its so worth it to me! Especially since my gift may be the only thing some of these kids get.. and my gift isn't much in the scheme of things but a lot of love goes with it so hopefully the kids realize that also.

Back to doing my paper work.. Merry Christmas and happy shopping!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Down, down, down...

Well.. the snow kept coming down this week.. my health went down a tad but the best 'downer' of all.. I lost 4 lbs!! I am getting closer and closer to my goal every week! So far a total of 15 inches and 20 lbs.. I'd like to loose another 20 lbs before my holiday next year and it would be nice to loose another 5 lbs by Christmas.. that may be difficult with all the wonderful food at this time of year!

Here's to another 'down' week!