Sunday, June 19, 2011

Panda Time!

Jen, Mark and Panda were here this weekend.. we had a fun time going to the park and Granville Island. Panda gets cuter everytime I see her and she's so smart!! Please excuse the quality.. I didn't bring my Digital SLR and my point and shoot isn't working so my only option when out and about is my iPod...

And we can't forget Maddie!!!

Panda loved the geese.. unfortunately they didn't love her as much =)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just livin'

Do you know what really bugs me? What bugs me, sometimes more than almost anything else? Well let me tell you. But before I do I have go back.. back 34 years to January 15, 1977. That's the day I was shot.. and to answer your next question.. yes with a gun! DO NOT feel sorry or bad for me.. I don't. That's just how God intended my life to turn. I won't pretend that I'm okay with it.. I'm not. I'd rather be walking but that wasn't in the cards for me. Which brings me to what really bugs me. I hate it when people turn around and commend me for doing so well, considering....

People go thru crappy things all the time.. some much worse than me. We all have a choice when crappy things happen. We can cry about it or pull up our panties and carry on. Those who know me well.. I mean really well.. know that I've had my moments.. my days, weeks or months that I have been down and had my share of pity parties but in the end, I wipe myself off, suck it up and carry on. I guess I could have turned to drugs or alcohol, gone on welfare and blamed everything that went wrong on someone else. But what would that have accomplished? Maybe it's because I can't understand why people blame their problems on other people. I know people who blame everyone for everything that has gone wrong in their life without ever looking in mirror and taking responsibility as an adult. Seriously people, there comes a time when you need to stop blaming your parents for how you turned out!

I've had so many people say that they admire me because I've done so well for myself. I can't wrap my head around that statement. What else was I supposed to do? I don't have a mental handicap that prevents me from working or contributing to society. Just as anyone else who had the desire to do something, I just did it.

I wasn't brought up to feel sorry for myself. I wasn't brought up believing there would be someone who would look after me when I was older. I was brought up learning how to be self reliant. To look after myself and to have belongings I was proud to have. I have been fortunate if anything. I was fortunate to go to university and get a degree I wanted. I was fortunate to find a good job with security. I was fortunate to buy my home when the real estate market was affordable. There are lots of things I wish were different and sometimes I focus on those things.. and get down. But honestly, when I really think about it, there is nothing in this world stopping me from doing what I want except me. So, the next time you want to blame your current behaviours on past experiences ask yourself "what is stopping me from changing my current situation?" Everyone has a choice.. make the choice to do something positive... start with your attitude.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sledge Hockey

Well I started sledge hockey last week. A year ago or even six months ago, I never thought I would join any "wheelchair" sports team... but sometimes I even surprise myself! lol. It was a lot of fun. We first learned the rules of hockey and I was surprised to find all the rules were the same as "regular" hockey except that you also get a penalty if you t-bone someone.

We then did some drills and then had a game of scrimmage. We did the same thing today with three big differences.. 1. we played a lot longer 2. we played the length of the ice instead of width like last week and 3. I only fell over once!! Last week I fell over like 5 times.. it was pretty frustrating. I also don't have the strength to get myself up so I have to wait for someone to help me.. also frustrating. But it just takes a couple seconds and I'm back in the game again!!

There are only two more sessions and then its over until the fall/winter and I plan on joining again!! Basketball also starts in fall/winter and I hope to join that also.. seriously.. who woulda thunk it?! My mom tried to get me to join "wheelchair" sports all the time when I was younger.. I felt like she was trying to shove it down my throat, when in fact she was probably just trying to be encouraging in her own way. I'm so glad that I finally let down that wall enough to give it a try!! Who knows what I'll try next.. I just know that I don't have to feel embarrassed for trying something different.. even if people stigmatise me, as I'm sure some will as they don't know how to treat some people.. and they'll place me in that "box" that I hate so much, it's only because they are ignorant and don't see me as your average person. Instead they see me as "someone in a wheelchair". I prefer to be thought of as someone who is just vertically challenged. lol And lets face it, the people who count, and you know who you are, are the only opinions I care about!!!