Monday, December 11, 2006

The season of colds!

Well it went around work and now I have it.. a cold.. I never get colds but alas it has hit me.. I missed a day and a bit last week and now came home early today to do paper work in the peace and serenity of my home and laptop. Thank you Lord for Chicken Noodle soup!! mmmmmmmmmm..

My Christmas shopping is done again.. but now I'm doing the adding touches to gifts.. I've bought a little something for all the kids on my caseload and now feel that I need gift bags for them all.. all 33 of them! That's a lot of wrapping and gift bags I must say! But I love Christmas so much and love giving so much more so its so worth it to me! Especially since my gift may be the only thing some of these kids get.. and my gift isn't much in the scheme of things but a lot of love goes with it so hopefully the kids realize that also.

Back to doing my paper work.. Merry Christmas and happy shopping!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Down, down, down...

Well.. the snow kept coming down this week.. my health went down a tad but the best 'downer' of all.. I lost 4 lbs!! I am getting closer and closer to my goal every week! So far a total of 15 inches and 20 lbs.. I'd like to loose another 20 lbs before my holiday next year and it would be nice to loose another 5 lbs by Christmas.. that may be difficult with all the wonderful food at this time of year!

Here's to another 'down' week!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Winter Wonderland!

How shocked I was to look out the window this afternoon only to see it was snowing!! We never get snow this early! So I took Maddie out for a walk and she snurfed the snow as we made our way down the road.. it has turned out to be quite the blizzard.. I think there is close to three inches if not more!

Not to rub it in but I am officially finished my Christmas shopping! Now everything else I pick up are bonus gifts! My plan is to start wrapping tomorrow.. I've always wanted to make things look pretty when they are wrapped but I always end up leaving it to the last minute so there are never any pretty ribbons or bows but this year I've gone all out so Martha step aside! I've even taken over as Mrs. Christmas at work.. I have organized everyone to draw names for the secret santa and we are putting up the Christmas tree on December 1st! Hey.. someone has to do it!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Finally the Weekend!

This has been the longest week in the history of weeks! And I only worked three days! There must be a full moon or something.. not to mention the weather being crazy! The power went out which means the elevator doesn't work.. thankfully it was only out until 8:30 but considering I wasn't home when the power went out.. I had to wait for it to come on before I could even get into my home!

I weighed in this morning and gained 2 lbs.. not bad considering I haven't been eating properly for the past two weeks.. way too much fast food! I'm almost finished all of my Christmas shopping.. gotta love online shopping!! There are just a few items that I have to go and pick up and then picking up my online orders when they come in and I'll be finished!! I love Christmas so much!! I love to give people gifts and most of all I love to see my family and friends.. especially my nephews whom I don't get to see very often. Nothing makes me more happy than spending time with them and hearing what is going on in their lives.

Is there anyone else out there who has people in their lives that use them.. you know they are using you yet you still allow it.. I can't stand that.. yet for me, I want their friendship so I put up with it.. like friends who only contact you when they need a place to crash.. it's not even like they stay to visit or anything.. they pass through town, crash for the night and leave asap... then there are others who will call to go for dinner or movies and you know it's only because they can't find anyone else to go with or they are mad at someone else so want to be out when their other friends call.. I can't imagine using someone like that and would never even think about it.. the thing is I don't even think they know they are doing it but I'm scared if I said something they wouldn't care and continue doing it or stop doing it and never see them again..

Cheers to a better week!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Lions win again!

What an awesome game!! I actually got the hang of the game and loved it!! The only complaint I had was that ticketmaster sells you two full priced tickets but BC Place Stadium makes your attendant sit behind you!! What a rip off! We ended up sorting it out in the end but we were not happy as were other people who were seated in disabled seating.. especially those who have never been treated like that before! Then leaving the stadium to make it back to the skytrain was another gong show.. picture this.. its raining outside, dark and cold. We leave the stadium thinking the skytrain is right around the corner.. same place we came from.. right? WRONG! We get to where the train entrance is but there is not wheelchair access so we have to walk.. no kidding you.. about 4 blocks (we may have gone the wrong way) in the rain.. then when we get to where we were told to go.. the ramp is closed!! We have to walk part way back when I see a wheelchair sign pointing inside some shady looking building.. Jo and I go inside where it's even more shady go into the elevator and go to a door that has a smashed window.. closed.. good grief now what! We walk down this very shady hallway.. where we could have been murdered any second and no one would ever know.. and then we find the door to the outside.. walk some more in the rain and finally find the trains.. the ride back to Surrey was equally amusing.. drunk fools on the train.. drunk fools in costumes on the train.. my goodness.. what a night!! So much fun!!

I'm adding some pictures from the game and of people at the game.. like I said before.. there were some drunk fools in costumes!



Saturday, October 28, 2006

Are you ready for some Football!

Yes I am going to my first football game tonight! BC Lions vs. Winnipeg Blue Bommers. I am totally psyched.. not that I'm a football fan but it will be the whole atmosphere.. and the junk food (so much for my diet today)! I'm hoping to take some good photos.. which is my hidden motive to go.. I've never taken pictures at a sporting event so I'm really looking forward to it.. I'll post the shots if they turn out good.. I'd love to go to a Canucks game soon too.. hockey is my sport!! Gotta love that Linden!!

Go Lions Go!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Is it Friday yet?

I love my job.. really I do.. but some days I would just love to take a hiatus and hide for about a month.. not have to listen to anyone's problems, not have to do any paper work, answer the phones, use a computer.. I'm so tired! Perhaps that is generally called burnout.. all I know is tomorrow is another day and I will be there to face it.. no matter how much I want to stay in bed.

Have you ever wondered what it would take for there to be peace in the world? I think about it from time to time... and I think I have come to a conclusion.. every day, every person should give a flower to a stranger. Don't say anything.. just get a flower, hand it to a stranger, smile and walk away. It isn't hard to do.. doesn't even have to cost anything.. it's just a simple gesture that will make someone else feel good.. maybe it won't end the wars of the world but it could prevent a war from happening in your neighborhood.. hmmm.. just a thought.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Welcome to my first blog!

I figured that since so many people are blogging, I should join the craze. It's autumn in Vancouver and I think it has to be the most beautiful autumn I have ever seen. Have you noticed how beautiful the trees are this year? The colours are amazing! The maple and oak trees have the most incredible reds, yellows and oranges.. It's a photographers dream I tell ya! My best friend was out a few weeks ago and we went out to take pictures.. there were some really amazing scenes.. I'll post some of the pictures when I figure out how to do that. Anyway.. thanks for reading my first post.. I'll write more soon.