Sunday, October 29, 2006

Lions win again!

What an awesome game!! I actually got the hang of the game and loved it!! The only complaint I had was that ticketmaster sells you two full priced tickets but BC Place Stadium makes your attendant sit behind you!! What a rip off! We ended up sorting it out in the end but we were not happy as were other people who were seated in disabled seating.. especially those who have never been treated like that before! Then leaving the stadium to make it back to the skytrain was another gong show.. picture this.. its raining outside, dark and cold. We leave the stadium thinking the skytrain is right around the corner.. same place we came from.. right? WRONG! We get to where the train entrance is but there is not wheelchair access so we have to walk.. no kidding you.. about 4 blocks (we may have gone the wrong way) in the rain.. then when we get to where we were told to go.. the ramp is closed!! We have to walk part way back when I see a wheelchair sign pointing inside some shady looking building.. Jo and I go inside where it's even more shady go into the elevator and go to a door that has a smashed window.. closed.. good grief now what! We walk down this very shady hallway.. where we could have been murdered any second and no one would ever know.. and then we find the door to the outside.. walk some more in the rain and finally find the trains.. the ride back to Surrey was equally amusing.. drunk fools on the train.. drunk fools in costumes on the train.. my goodness.. what a night!! So much fun!!

I'm adding some pictures from the game and of people at the game.. like I said before.. there were some drunk fools in costumes!



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