Saturday, April 07, 2012


I've been going to church lately. It's been about a month and I still haven't really told a lot of people. The main reason is because I don't want to hear the judgement in their voice. It seems like as soon as you say you attend church people seem to get the crazy idea that you are then supposed to act differently.. need I say... perfect? Its true though.. if someone tells you they attend Temple or a Synagogue you don't believe they should be perfect do you? In most situations you commend them for having a place they can find support. A place where they can share their beliefs with others of the same faith. But I get the feeling that when some people hear the word "church" they immediately think "rules" and that us "Christians" are plotting our way to "convert" them.. seriously? Get a life. I go to church because I want to meet people, I enjoy singing and because I want to strengthen my relationship with Jesus.. oh no! Now I did it.. I said His name!! Are your eyes burning yet? Sorry.. but it has absolutely nothing to do with you or converting you or shoving my beliefs down your throat. I'

Yes it would be so nice if I could feel safe enough to share my beliefs but I know in many of my relationships its just not safe and that's why I need to have some people in my life with similar beliefs. I'm so tired of people's judgements if I swear or have a drink or do anything that in their eyes isn't "Christian".. I'm not perfect and I don't have to be and I sure as hell don't need people's judgemental attitudes and comments.. although I sure wish I could feel safe enough just to say I'm going to church.

This weekend there was a kids event at my church so I invited a friend from work and her three kids. It was fun.. I think every kid in Langley was there though.. packed is an understatement.. but it was fun.. there was free popcorn and cotton candy and two separate Easter egg hunts.. one for over 5 year olds and one for under.. since my girlfriends kids are under 5 you can guess the one we went to.. it was great.. there were hundreds of balloons in a room and the volunteers threw chocolate eggs in which the kids would "hunt" for. There was also a room with a bouncy castle and a swimming pool filled with plastic balls. There was face painting and a crafts area and to top it all off.. the weather was wonderful!! So warm and sunny!! There was no Easter bunny but there was some crazy ass walking doll that reminded me a bit of Chucky and utterly freaked out my girlfriends son.. and I mean freaked out.. he had shrieks that I'm sure broke the sound barrier but all in all it was just fun.. it wasn't  preachy in any way.. it was just a nice way to spend the morning.

Easter means many different things to different people.. for some it means a nice long weekend but for me I think its an opportunity to reflect. The bible says that God sent His son to die for every one's sin's.. it's a crazy thought.. first that anyone would sacrifice their own kid so other people could be saved and second, that anyone would sacrifice their own life for someone else! Honestly, it's a thought that is just so big I can't comprehend it fully.. whatever you believe, I just hope you have a great and safe weekend! As Ellen says "be kind to each other".