Saturday, July 10, 2010

My friend is back... Hello camera!

It's been a while.. three years to be exact.. since I have really been into my photography. Recently I shot my niece-in-laws wedding and the bug is back!!! Yahoo!! Without even knowing it.. I missed it so much! My girlfriend Sandi helped me with the wedding.. we do most weddings together and have a blast doing them!! We get such different angles of the same subject and they both turn out so cool!

Of course when I was really into my photography I was also up to date on all the camera equipment which I lost touch with.. now that I'm back I've already ordered a light scoop, photoshop elements 8 and yet another photography book. I've also been checking out various photographers blogs and then I did the mistake of checking out the pentax website and saw it.. the Pentax K-7   the camera I have been waiting for.. the DSLR that also shoots HD movies! Now the decision comes should I wait for the next version or bite the bit and buy this one? Do I need another DSLR? Hell no! I have two already but it's new and improved! While I wait and ponder it over.. I will be happy with my current camera and the beautiful shots I can take with it..