Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sledge Hockey

Well I started sledge hockey last week. A year ago or even six months ago, I never thought I would join any "wheelchair" sports team... but sometimes I even surprise myself! lol. It was a lot of fun. We first learned the rules of hockey and I was surprised to find all the rules were the same as "regular" hockey except that you also get a penalty if you t-bone someone.

We then did some drills and then had a game of scrimmage. We did the same thing today with three big differences.. 1. we played a lot longer 2. we played the length of the ice instead of width like last week and 3. I only fell over once!! Last week I fell over like 5 times.. it was pretty frustrating. I also don't have the strength to get myself up so I have to wait for someone to help me.. also frustrating. But it just takes a couple seconds and I'm back in the game again!!

There are only two more sessions and then its over until the fall/winter and I plan on joining again!! Basketball also starts in fall/winter and I hope to join that also.. seriously.. who woulda thunk it?! My mom tried to get me to join "wheelchair" sports all the time when I was younger.. I felt like she was trying to shove it down my throat, when in fact she was probably just trying to be encouraging in her own way. I'm so glad that I finally let down that wall enough to give it a try!! Who knows what I'll try next.. I just know that I don't have to feel embarrassed for trying something different.. even if people stigmatise me, as I'm sure some will as they don't know how to treat some people.. and they'll place me in that "box" that I hate so much, it's only because they are ignorant and don't see me as your average person. Instead they see me as "someone in a wheelchair". I prefer to be thought of as someone who is just vertically challenged. lol And lets face it, the people who count, and you know who you are, are the only opinions I care about!!!

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