Saturday, December 01, 2012

Catch-up time!!

Every time I go to enter a new post I get side tracked but I thought on this blustery day I'd take the time now.

Since my last post was in June, I'll update everyone now. I had a great summer spending a few weekends in Kelowna with my GF and her family. My niece Tianna wanted me to take some pictures of her doing some dance moves (more pic's posted here) so we had a lot of fun with that and snuck in a few extra shots!!


Then at the end of the summer Tianna went away to London.. her first missions trip!!! How exciting for her to go and minister the Word of God in the city hosting the Olympics and Paralympics!!!

I was also so happy to see one of my good friends, Kristina, when she came to town. Jen, Kris and I hung out at Granville Island and had a great visit!!!

And as every year since he started school, I took Luke back to school shopping. We always have such a great time hanging out and he just amazes me all the time with his maturity, strong values, sense of humour and respect for others. Not to mention how handsome he is!! Love that kid to the move and back!!

I was able to do another photo shoot. This time for a very special young woman and her children. She's like a daughter to me and I couldn't be more proud of her for all she has become and overcome!!


Although the girls at work and I missed the deadline for the Click for Babies (knitting purple hats to bring awareness to shaken baby syndrome) I have still been having fun using my looms and knitting away!! It's just a relaxing activity to do and you really don't have to think while doing it!! These are a few of my latest hats.. not fancy but fun and so soft!! And no I didn't knit Maddie anything but she decided to "help" by attacking one of my balls of yarn.. it was so funny I couldn't get mad at her!

In November I participated in the 5th annual Sledge Hockey Showdown at Surrey Leisure Centre put on by Sport Ability. It was an absolute BLAST!!! Some friends from work came and some from church. It's something I would do again but I'll wait until after my rotator cuff is fixed up!!!

We wouldn't have been able to do it without the support from Indigo Apparel Inc. a store that is owned from a friend I've known for almost 37 years!!! It's located in Market Square in Victoria, BC. Go check it out!!

No November is complete without MOvember!!

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