Friday, September 04, 2009

Update on the TV/DVD

I must be the worst blogger alive! Okay, so I ran out the same day my bedroom TV died and bought a beautiful Toshiba! I LOVE IT! The one I was going to get was an Insignia.. NEVER HEARD OF IT! But it came with a DVD player built in and well.. anyone who knows me knows I am a marketers wet dream and wanted the pretty one with the DVD built in.. I went to Future Shop.. the land of the of the missing sales persons... that is until you pick up the item and start to walk towards the cashier... can anyone say COMMISSION! Three guys came running after me.. only in my dreams and in Future Shop.. and wanted to ring up my purchase.. then one guy said "excuse me ma'am (do I really look that old!), can I ask why you aren't buying the Toshiba for the same price?" I explained how I wanted the one with the DVD player and he said that he would give me a deal.. ran away (as they all do), and came back with a DVD player.. he said he'd give it to me for $20.. so with the $15 4 year warranty.. I got a great DVD player that I know I'll have for at least 4 years.. the TV, as I said, is beautiful.. it's bigger than the Insignia was and was on clearance for the same price of the Insignia! So in the end.. I got a mighty fine deal.. now.. a digital box for my bedroom and I'll be all set!!


  1. I detest being called Ma'am! No one is ever that OLD!

  2. The Queen of shoppers strikes again:) Nice going ma'am, lol