Sunday, September 13, 2009

Roast WUT!

I did it! I made a perfect roast, with perfect gravy, perfect potatoes and perfect carrots!! And let me not forget the yorkies!! I LOVE yorkies!! They weren't perfect but still mighty tasty! I did one of those Club House package kinds which I think is why it wasn't perfect but like I said.. it was still tasty!!

Cooking use to be the equivalent of doing laundry for me.. don't like doing it.. but it's a necessity. Now a days cooking is enjoyable.. often times fun and every time rewarding!!

I'm not sure if I'm enjoying my cooking more than my diva dog or if she enjoys it more.. not that she's getting a lot of what I make but she normally gets a taste.. makes me feel like I'm cooking for more than one that way! Yes.. my hot date companion is my diva dog.. the dog whose hair stylist costs three times as much as mine! But lets face it.. she keeps the bed warm at night.. doesn't make much of a mess and NEVER argues with me! Who could ask for more!
And the big question.. what's for dinner tonight?

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