Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hodgpodge of things..

Do you ever feel bored from being bored? Oh there are a million things I could do but nothing strikes my fancy today. The weather is cloudy and muggy and I think that's a little how I'm feeling.. not too focused on anything in particular, but I feel like blogging so here I am.

I made some cookies.. they didn't turn out how I had hoped...

Okay, so they didn't turn out at all as I had hoped!! I only had them in the oven for 7 minutes! How can something get so dark so fast? They didn't taste too bad but I'm not crazy about burnt tasting cookies.. however, I really wanted the chocolate so they'll have to do!

It's been somewhat of a movie marathon this weekend.. I went and saw Horrible Bosses.. funny movie!! But what made it even funnier is that there was some single guy sitting behind me and his laugh was infectious!! I think I was laughing at his laugh more than the movie at times! But seriously.. it was a funny movie. Let's see what else did I watch.. oh.. there was Marley and Me.. I love that movie because it's all about the adventures of an adorable golden lab named.. well.. Marley.. it's about Marley's life and how his life impacted the lives of his owners. If you are avoiding seeing it because you've heard the ending is sad.. well.. you're missing out.. yes, you will need a couple boxes of Kleenex, but it's well worth it! And besides.. everyone needs to have a good cry now and then!

I also watched the Step Father.. oooo scary! I've seen it before which is why I could watch it.. those suspense thrillers are just terrible! In a good way!! Then I watched Julie and Julia.. one of my favorite movies.. about my favorite topic... FOOD!!! LOL I love Meryl Streep and I love Julia Child so what more could you ask for!! I also love some of the songs.. one in particular.. "A Bushel and a Peck".. it's one my mom use to sing to me when I was little.. it brings back good memories of my mom embarrassing me while singing it in the kitchen...

I spent a couple of hours in Chapters this weekend also.. isn't it great how you can just get lost in a store full of books!! No one is there to bother you, I'm sure they are there for the same reason I was.. to find a way to escape the hecticness of life. To find a book they can get absorbed into, or learn from, or connect to. I didn't even get into the romance section.. not that I've been into those lately, but I spent two hours just looking at cook books, magazines and new release books. It's not even like I need any more books.. I have so many that I still haven't read but I'm addicted to books. Lately though, I've been downloading them onto my iPad for less than buying them in hard copy!! But I also got some great advice from a chapters employee.. she told me that I can actually "borrow" an ebook from the library and you can do it online!! I first either need to find my library card or go and get one but I think its so cool!! Not sure the variety yet but something I will look into.. oh and you can also "borrow" audio books!!

I haven't been taking any pictures with my DSLR lately but have with my iPod.. they aren't great but it's still fun to do.. I've been looking for a good digital point and shoot.. it must have at least 10x optical zoom so trying to find one I can afford hasn't been easy. Then again.. I'd rather have a new lens that I can use in low light with no flash.. then I wouldn't need the point and shoot.. unfortunately the lens I want is over $600.. the biggest disadvantage of having a Pentax! The lack of lens availability!!

Hmmm.. well time is ticking and it's getting time for dinner.. tonight is pot roast, yorkies, carrots, corn and mashed potatoes!! Sadly I'm all out of Asparagus and don't feel like leaving the house so will have to make due with what the fridge is providing!! Bon Appetite!!

Here are a couple of random pictures...

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