Sunday, August 08, 2010

Many opportunities for a photo op!

So it was Raeya's 2nd birthday on July 31st with a Mickey Mouse theme.. so much fun! Raeya had a great time playing with her bubble gun and I had a great time taking over 500 photos! How did I manage that?! Well with a digital camera it sure isn't hard. But I am starting to actually use my DSLR as it should be.. manually.. even manual focus.. I kept getting the exposure wrong but for the most part it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

Poor Rob burnt his hand on the lawn mower but he was a real sport, bandaged it up and carried on like nothing happened..

Whenever Raeya got tired of opening gifts, she would play with her ball or dance with anyone who would dance with her..

Then Jen and I took Claire aka: Panda, to Beacon Hill Park where we pet the goats (and they tried to take a nibble of Panda's hat and Jen's shirt) and saw the other animals.. miniature horse and pony, crazy chickens, alpacas and a pot bellied pig.. great day.. until my battery on my camera died.. you'd think I would have recharged it after Lisa and Justin's wedding.. no such luck.. thank goodness for the battery pack or I wouldn't have taken the great shots that I got!

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