Friday, March 25, 2011

I love hugs.

I hate death.
I hate sickness.
I hate drugs.
I hate what drugs do to people.
I hate what alcohol does to some people.
I hate gangs.
I hate being scared.
I hate people who hurt children.
I hate war.
I hate prejudice.
I hate the cold.
I hate when people talk behind my back.
I hate feeling alone.
I hate clutter.
I hate thunder storms.
I hate walking thru spider webs.
I hate diets.
I hate debt.
I hate having wet hair touch my skin.
I hate losing control.
I hate not being in control.
I hate broccoli.
I hate to believe someone won’t go to heaven.
I hate fighting with friends.
I hate feeling grumpy.
I hate loss.

I love the smell of grass after it rains.
I love getting hugs.
I love my dog.
I love animals.
I love chocolate anything.
I love photography.
I love hot chocolate on a cold day.
I love laughing.
I love walks in the woods.
I love the smell of warm cookies.
I love going to movies.
I love sitting by the ocean on a windy day.
I love Jesus.
I love San Diego.
I love talking about food.
I love eating food.
I love pillow fights.
I love giving zurberts to babies bare bellies.
I love bubble baths.
I love playing games.
I love tea.
I love being included.
I love being needed, but not too much.
I love learning.
I love to love.

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