Sunday, March 06, 2011

Time to unpack..

Wow, two entries in a row.. that's a record for me. I find that if I can put a bit of what is going on in my head, down on paper.. it frees up some room for new stuff.. if that makes any sense at all.

As I said yesterday.. I am in a period of transition and my mind is spinning about it! If you know anything about pressure sores you'll know that they can either start on the surface and get deeper or they can start deep and work themselves to the surface. The ones that start on the surface can have bandages applied to it, maybe some ointments but to get rid of it you need to relieve the pressure. For the wounds that start on the inside and work their way out, they are much more complicated and need much more attention in order for them to heal properly.

Baggage is similar to a pressure sore. You have your surface sores that you can band aid but to heal them faster is to take away the pressure.. you can normally deal with that baggage on your own or talking with a friend to help relieve the pressure. But what do you do with the baggage that has been storing up for years and is preventing new items from being experienced?

This is when you need to be kind to yourself and allow yourself the time to sort thru the baggage. It helps to have the support of your family and friends  but sometimes it's like a messy house, where do you begin? The last thing you want is to be judged for having human feelings and emotions, especially when you aren't the kind of person to share those with other people. But in order to get rid of all that baggage, you need to unpack it, box by box and find new ways to categorize it. You may keep some of it and you may take some of it to the dump, but you can't ignore it.

One thing I see people do is unpack it and then pack it right back up and keep it. That's when you aren't just considered a messy housekeeper, you are now a hoarder and with most hoarder's, they need help to unload the boxes.

This is where my transition begins.. time to unpack some boxes!

It's not going to be easy and it won't be done overnight. That's where two words come to mind.. patience and tolerance.. not just for others but also for myself.

"We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves" - Dali Lama

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  1. I'm so proud of you for unpacking your boxes! Its your time babe...and I am here for you 100%. Praying, loving, supporting.
    Slowly, gently and with love you will find the end of those boxes.