Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Good Ol' Days

So I was having a semi lazy day.. starting flipping channels and lo and behold what to my wandering eyes see.. The Brady Bunch!! It was great! I got to watch when Jan decided to play pranks on the Brady family after she was warned not to let it get out of hand.. of course it did when Greg's science project mouse goes missing.. not the best episode but heck, it was the Brady Bunch!! Then comes Laverne and Shirley..

I never even knew there was a TV channel that showed these old programs.. well, not one that I didn't have to pay for! I checked to see what was coming on next and it was Happy Days, Dick Van Dyck Show, I Love Lucy.. all the shows I loved watching as a youngster!!

It got me reminiscing what I would do on a typical Sunday afternoon when I was young. My mom and I lived in an apartment building that had a pool so often, she, my then soon-to-be dad and I would go swimming. We would come back to our suite and watch Kung Fu or some old western and then the best part of every Sunday.. mom would make dinner and set up the TV trays and we would watch Walt Disney. It was my favorite part of the whole weekend.. probably one of my favorite childhood memory's I have.

I can still remember when I was 5 and living at, what they called back then as the Solarium, now Queen Alexandra Centre for Children, on either Friday or Saturday nights, we would assemble in the Auditorium, (the only place that had a TV), and watch The Donny and Marie Show, The Muppet's and Solid Gold.. I hated Solid Gold but since I was one of the youngest, I had no choice on what we watched. The nurses would push us into the auditorium in our beds after we had gotten into our nighties. It was all very exciting at the time.

What were some of your favorite childhood shows? Do you have any days that stood out more than others?


  1. The Waltons was always a favorite. Of course Walt Disney (before you could even remember it). And Mutual of Omahas Wild Kingdom was a must. Also back in my early teens The Monkeys and of course The Partridge Family and Here Come the Brides (with Bobby Sherman). Wow, that was stretching back too many years:)

  2. I loved the Wild Kingdom with Lorne Green!! And The Monkeys was fun but I was a Little House fan more than a Waltons fan, lol.