Saturday, September 17, 2011

Knifty Knitter!

Well its that time of year.. the weather is starting to change and it isn't so lovely outside.. but I have a great reason to stay inside.. I'm knitting!!

What first inspired me was a cause called Click for Babies.. you may have seen the link on my blog. The idea behind it is to knit or crochet purple hats for babies in order to bring awareness to shaken baby syndrome and the period of purple crying.

Often babies go thru a period of time (around 2 weeks of age peaking around 2 months and ending around the fourth month) when they cry and sometimes it feels like they will never stop, but they will.. I promise. I can honestly say with certainty that I have never seen a healthy 2 year old crying 24 hours a day!!

During this period of purple crying, parents can become very overwhelmed and unfortunately, some parents have gone as far as shaken their infants to make them stop crying. What they don't seem to understand is that an infants brain is like a ping pong ball inside their skull and will bounce around and if it doesn't kill them, it can give them severe brain damage. So, if you have to, walk away and take a time out and ask for some help!

Here are some of my hats.. take note that I've had to use a loom because my carpal tunnel is so bad and I've never made a hat before so they aren't perfect but they are made with love!



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  1. I think your hats are awesome...I love mine:)