Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Ahoy Mateys!

Well pirate Raeya celebrated her 3rd birthday! The whole day was perfect! Tor did an amazing job with the pirate ship cake and all the wonderful decorations!! Check out those incredible party invitations!! And Raeya's Nana made her pirate costume and sent it.. all the way from Nova Scotia!! That must be where the real pirates are from! lol

Rob, Tor, Lindsey and Jesse were all in fine form as head pirates but the show stoppers were Raeya, Kelly, Jarrod, and Jen! They looked so AWESOME!! Kelly and Jarrod both wore the shirts that my mom made for them when they graduated.. they make great pirate shirts.. not sure the look they were going for in grad.. however, it was almost like Mom was part of Raeya's birthday... Oh how she would have LOVED Raeya.. and if Rob and Tor think I spoil her.. Mom would have spoiled her ten fold!!! Sigh...

What do Pirates eat?? Cucumbers, of course!!

Here comes the Pirates!

And even a Pirate needs a hand, once in a while! And then some fun sliding down the slide! Weeeee!

Is it time for presents.. NOW?!

A Pirate puppet!!

Even Pirates need to take time for a swing!

Kelly.. you are wearing make-up to go along with the costume... right?!?

Charlotte is getting so BIG!!

The cutest Pirate in town!

All in all.. everyone had a swash buckling good time at the Pirate party!
Happy 3rd Birthday Raeya! I love you to the moon!

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