Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Panda Time part 2!!

The reason I go to Victoria is to see my BFF, sisters, nephews and nieces!!! This trip included them all! How lucky was I?! Panda is getting sooo BIG and so FUNNY! I seriously could do without her glass piercing shrieks and tried incessantly to show her how to do a quiet low voice, which Jen said sounded evil and she would prefer the shrieks... me however.. not so much.. but, I have to admit.. she is HILARIOUS when she's doing it!

What I think is so cool is that she totally responds when I call her Panda.. she even started imitating me! I hope she will always let me call her Panda.. it's our special nick name and strangely enough.. I've never had one for the boys.. not one that I used all the time anyway.

So, besides having a BBQ, we went for a lovely walk/bike ride up the street.. and she was really showing her independence!!

So when we got home and were waiting for Mom and Dad to get dinner ready, we took in a little Elmo.. and then Panda decided it would be better to watch Elmo on the coffee table.. this is her reaction to me asking her not to climb on the table.. clearly she runs the show.. and I totally don't mind!!!

Seriously.. could this kid get any cuter or sweeter?? I think NOT! Oh Panda bear.. stay as innocent as you are today.. I hope the worse thing you ever have to deal with is that terrible face washing!! I love you to the moon!

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